Crowds on Demand receives a great deal of media attention as a unique, fun and innovative concept. We’ve had magazine feature stories in California Sunday Magazine and GQ, coverage on flagship news programs such as ABC’s “Good Morning America”, CBS’s “This Morning”, Univision’s “Despierta America”, NPR’s “All Things Considered” as well as various pieces in Vice,  Fox News,  The Washington Post, SBS Korean Television, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Hindustan Times, and many other outlets.

Take a look at a small selection of the press we’ve received over the years to get a glimpse of who we are and how we deliver great results on our campaigns and phenomenal experiences for clients.

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California Sunday Magazine Feature Story: “Crowd Source: Inside the company that provides fake paparazzi, pretend campaign supporters, and counterfeit protesters”


The Atlantic Magazine: “1-800-HIRE-A-CROWD: The business of generating fake enthusiasm, from flash mobs to the campaign trail”

CNN: “The lucrative business of crowds for hire”


Good Morning America: “Rent an Entourage, Paparazzi for New Year’s Eve”-December 2012

Vice: It’s Now Possible to Hire Fake Protesters – August 2013

NPR: “Los Angeles company provides fake paparazzi and crowds for celebrity wannabes”-January 2013

The Washington Post: “Crowd Control”-October 2012

The Not So Legal Show-October 2012

Media Bistro: “Former Patch Contributor Resets with a ‘Rent a Crowd’ Service”-October 2012

The Daily: “New Website a Real Crowd Pleaser”-October 2012

LAist: “Feeling Unloved? Now You Can Rent a Crowd to Follow You Around”- November 2012

Refinery 29: “Crowd Sourcing: It Turns Out You Can Hire Your Own Fan Club”-November 2012

Urban Daddy: “Adoring Crowds. On Demand. Seriously”-November 2012

Death and Taxes Magazine: “You can now hire a crowd of people to pretend to like you”-November 2012

Relevant Magazine: “Now You Can Pay People to Freak Out Over You”-November 2012

ABC News: “How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Like a Star”-December 2012

Las Vegas Sun: “Crowds on Demand Launches; Introduces New ‘Rent a Crowd’ Concept”- September 30, 2012 

Vegas INC: September 30, 2012