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Do you want your company, your political cause, your best clients or just somebody you love to be noticed? Look no further. We are the experts at celebrating your top salesperson, your best clients or a family member with a memorable and fun event! We’ve been profiled on Good Morning America, GQ Magazine, the national and international press as the company that separates you from the crowd. How do we do this? With your crowd! Yes, we’d love to follow you with flashing cameras and adoring fans if you want to be treated like an A-lister. If your company or non-profit is looking for thoughtful ways to create buzz, we can help you with our creative and proven guerrilla marketing strategies. Read through some of our case studies and then give us a call-let’s get you noticed!

Our services are available in cities throughout the United States including Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and more!

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