Our clients are regularly looking to promote their products at expos, trade shows, bolster attendance at press conferences and create attention-grabbing PR stunts.

We do all of the above and more! We have a history of working with everyone from Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, charities and other organizations.

If you are looking hire a flash mob, we can put together a phenomenal display worthy of a viral video.

If you need an audience for a speech, concert, store opening or any other event, we can fill the room with a crowd appropriate to the occasion.

At the intersection of our corporate business and our celebrity business is our popular services spicing up corporate galas and giving them a red carpet flair. Imagine paparazzi and fans at the entrance to a corporate retreat, at your holiday party, or at a large corporate event.

We have experience working with every industry including Entertainment, Energy, Tech and Finance so we know how to deliver events and campaigns suited to your goals.

Case Studies

Impressions for a Software Company

A medium sized software security company hired Crowds on Demand to generate attention at a technology conference in San Francisco. They wanted their logo prominently placed within the conference, but without having to pay the high price tag of event sponsorship. We came up with the idea of greeting conference attendees arriving at SFO Airport with people holding signs with the company’s logo. Well-dressed performers held up the company’s logo for three full days at every terminal. In addition, Crowds on Demand performers held banners outside the convention center. Our unique approach generated far more impressions than event sponsorship at less than one tenth of the price. The software company received widespread attention at their booth, at the conference, and an article in an industry publication.

Publicity for a Start-up

A start-up digital media advertising firm, hired Crowds on Demand to build hype at the Advertising Week Conference in New York City. They wanted a catchy campaign that would grab attention in a way that would focus on their product, an alternative to Internet banner advertisements. Together, we developed a plan for a protest against banner ads, featuring 50 protesters holding signs. The rally was held in front of the conference center on the opening day of the conference and featured speeches from executives. The event led to a popular hashtag, industry media coverage and an increase in sales of 500 percent immediately following the conference.

Bringing a New Vodka Brand to Market

A start-up vodka brand hired Crowds on Demand to generate more buzz and thus break into selling product at bars and nightclubs. First, we focused on developing celebrity appeal for the product by surrounding the founder by paparazzi and organizing event sponsorships at nightclubs in Miami and Los Angeles. Second, we created a YouTube series involving models who were aspiring entrepreneurs. They were mentored by the founder as they navigated the challenges of alcohol sales. The models learned how to build up their own businesses and sell products through this process. These tactics led the brand to break into being sold in the urban nightclub market in Los Angeles and Miami. The YouTube series is now being adapted into a pilot to pitch television networks.

VIP Gala


A high-end event planning firm hired Crowds on Demand to add flair to a red-carpet gala at a luxury hotel in Miami. We put together a scene complete with paparazzi and fans to give attendees at the gala a celebrity flair. Guests were complimented on their attire and given HD photos as a souvenir of the occasion.