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Have you ever dreamed of having an adoring crowd cheering your name, proclaiming you a champion and singing your praises through the streets? For most of us, this is only a fantasy. Now, the experience once reserved for Presidents and A-Listers is for sale!

We are a Strategic Publicity Firm that plans and executes PR stunts. We work before, during and after the event with the media to ensure that clients get the kind of coverage (or lack of coverage) that they are looking for. We can organize any group, small or large, anywhere for any purpose. From corporate publicity stunts to celebrity experiences to political rallies, we conduct a diverse array of events with top-notch talent and attention to detail.

Don’t take our word for it! The prestigious Shanghai Travel Club has given us an award for being the “World’s Best Luxury Lifestyle Experience”. Media outlets worldwide have praised our unique concept, our attention to detail and most importantly the experience that we provide at every event.

We are based in Los Angeles and operate throughout the United States. International locations are available by request.

Get in touch and we’ll talk about what we can do for you.

Sound interesting?

We can send you some complimentary ideas on how our crowds can help you.

Fill this out and we will be in touch!

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