Spice up your event with some red carpet flair and bring in the experts to “wow” your guests. Across the country, Crowds on Demand puts together glamorous red carpet entrances to events providing paparazzi (many of whom moonlight for TMZ and others), fans and oftentimes even bodyguards.

Clients for our celebrity events range from charities planning galas to companies looking to create memorable events for their customers and employees. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and top event planners and know how to satisfy the most discerning of tastes.

We are often called upon to put together the entire event from start to finish. In many cases, however, we are asked simply provide paparazzi and fans. In other cases, we are asked to also provide red carpet, step-and-repeat as well as the paparazzi set-up. Whether you’re just looking to hire paparazzi or looking to create a high-end gala from the ground up, we can tailor an event to fit your goals and exceed your expectations.

We also continue to provide the signature Celebrity Experience Service where our guests are accompanied by paparazzi, fans, security guards and a luxury limousine or SUV throughout their day shopping, dining or going out on the town. We provide this service nationwide though the service is most popular in LA, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York.

Case Studies

Employee Recognition

A Fortune 500 Company hired Crowds on Demand to create a phenomenal experience to honor one of their top sales representatives. We staged a scene to surprise him with paparazzi and congratulatory fans during a major gala in Las Vegas. The scene soon shifted onto the streets as hundreds of people crowded around him forming a parade along the Las Vegas Strip.

Taking Fashion to the Next Level

A popular fashion designer hired Crowds on Demand to further his brand and enhance the celebrity stature of his products to justify price increases and increase sales. At a series of fashion shows and product expos, we provided attractive and well-dressed attendees to create buzz for the designer and to impress top decision makers. They wore his clothes and came up to him and praised his work. This complemented our other approach of using paparazzi and “fans” to approach him when he went out on the town in major cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and NYC. All of these strategies bolstered the designer’s image, leading to substantial coverage in TMZ, a doubling of his Twitter following, increased sales, and most importantly a lucrative deal with a major department store chain.